Antonio Brown Reportedly Uses Lil Wayne’s Name For $500K Promoter Scam

Antonio Brown Reportedly Uses Lil Wayne’s Name For $500K Promoter Scam

Antonio Brown Reportedly Uses Lil Wayne’s Name For $500K Promoter Scam

For a while now, Antonio Brown has been hit with lots of lawsuit.

The 34-year-old sportsman has been hit with lots of lawsuit amidst undeniable allegations which has been levelled against him recently.

One of the most pronounced allegations against the athlete turn rapper is the allegation of trying to scam off a music promoter off up to $500,000,000 (in US dollars), amongst other issues he is faced with.

NY Post reported, a suit was levelled against AB last week Wednesday in a courthouse at Sarasota County. The alleged case was accusing him of breach of contract and also defamation of character over an “exclusive artist agreement”. The contract in question was said to have been signed in July with a Tampa-based company with its name as Secure the Bag (STB) Entertainment.

In the papers, the CEO of the company, Ryan Kane revealed that the artiste who was formally an athlete tried to swindle from hi company $178k after sending in a “scammy” expenditures with the hope of reimbursement, and also making lots of racist, life-threatening, sexist, lewd etc towards the Secure the Bag (STB) Entertainment establishment.

Now I know how the Raiders felt when they paid him [at least $1 million], and he never played a single game for them,” Kane told The Post on Friday (October 7). “I gave him … a huge advance and an opportunity to make money legitimately, and all he did was walk off the field.”

From the STB’s founder, he found his company in the early months of 2022, and after starting up a brief friendship with the athlete turn rapper, Brown, he recruited the young entertainer and also claim to have given the NFL player an advanced payment of $150K. At that point, the two were eager to team together on a music video for a song called “Cracked” assisted by Lil Wayne, but unfortunately, their friendship came to a sad end right before the project came to completion.

Kane further stated that AB met with him, requesting for $250K in cash to pay the featured artist who was supposed to be Wayne, who according to AB, wants the money directly from him. The STB CEO claimed to had written the cheque, but his intuition made him to hold back, he informed Brown he was not making the payment, despite the fact he was “threatened” he should make sure the cheque checks out, in his words, he stated “the check better be good.”

After speaking personally with representatives of the Young Money founder (who was not named in the lawsuit), they affirmed to Ryan that it was not a necessity for the money to go through Brown before coming to them, and in fact the “Phone Home” crooner was only supposed to pay $150K.

From the legal filings from last week, the STB boss strongly believes that Brown tried to defraud them off the remaining $100k for his own personal use.

Along with the fraud allegations, another case faced by Brown is an unauthorized expense which he made, including $87K which was said to be for a five-hour Los Angeles studio rental and $8,500 for the artist’s crew to fly along with him on a private airline. As the company refused to pay, the entertainer jumped on social media to defame the company by stating that they wrote him a bad cheque, and does not pay his bills.

Kane finally stated, while many believe that the 34-year-old’s “career is successful,” the CEO thinks that it’s DOA. He said, “I own the rights to all his music. He can’t release any music for the rest of his life unless I approve it.”

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