Lil Baby & Nicki Minaj To Feature In ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ Trailer

Lil Baby & Nicki Minaj To Feature In ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ Trailer

Lil Baby & Nicki Minaj To Feature In ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ Trailer

Call of Duty is a popular action video game. A first-person shooter video game company owned and published by Activision. The gaming company started operations in 2003, when it launched it initially focused on games, with World War II story line. As time wet by, the company evolved, creating their games from backgrounds of Cold War, futuristic worlds and now to outer space.

On timely basis, the gaming company have been releasing newer versions and better interface of their game graphics. Their recent announcement got many people interested, especially in the hip hop world.

In a few days time, October 28th to be exact, the new version of Call of Duty’s 2019 game Modern Warfare will be shared, to be clear, this is not the same with the 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. In light of this announcement, the gaming company is ready to drop a new trailer, in promotion and support for the upcoming version of the game, the trailer has been revealed to feature American hip hop stars, Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj and many other artists.

The purpose of calling in these hip hop celebrities is unknown, but when one thinks about it, a clear explanation sets in. Both artists and many others to feature in the trailer are celebrities whose fans fall in the age bracket of people who love to play video games. This therefore is a good publicity mean.

One can say that the move is a nice marketing plan, however, these celebrities whose identity are used, are just for promotions on the game trailer. These characters will not be available in the game. Despite their promo moves, many still complain about the quality of the game. An online magazine reviewed the game as being “whacky in the past”.

Furthermore, you might recall that during the ‘Hot Sh*t’ video. The American singer, Cardi B recently shared a fact on Twitter and stated that she had a multi-million dollar contract with the game company that developed Call of Duty. She went ahead to state that she couldn’t take the offer because of her past. Maybe, she might have been in this commercial video and even more.

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