Luke Rockhold Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022, Leg Injury, Staph Infection

Luke Rockhold Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022 ,Leg Injury, Staph Infection

Luke Rockhold Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022, Leg Injury, Staph Infection

The UFC Mixed martial art fighter knows nothing but victory. Although he was one time known worldwide for being the Grammy award winner, Demi Lovato love interest(the duo had a split in 2016 to the dismay of so many fans shipping them together as the sweetest America’s entertainment couple) The immensely skilled MMA fighter has won numerous fights in his career and stands out in the sport. Rockhold, once signed to the ultimate championship and has set himself apart from the competition. He holds multiple titles, and he isn’t only a fighter but also a model. He has always been a worthy opponent and a great entertainment for the fans.


The MMA fighter was born on October 17, 1984 in Santa Cruz, California. He has known sport all his life and basically grew up in an athletic environment as he came from quite the athletic family; his father was an athlete and played professional basketball in Europe. His mother was a tennis player and his brother, Matt Rockhold, a professional surfer.


Rockhold attended Soquel High School. When he was in seventh grade, he became part of the school’s wrestling team. He continued on with the sport while in Soquel High School, taking jiu-jitsu classes. He tried wrestling for a local community college and decided to take jiu-jitsu full time, where he got the eye of his manager and immediately got his big break.


Rockhold made his professional debut in 2007, fighting against Mike Martinez for the Melee on the mountain promotion. He won the fight. He gained yet another victory with his second match with Tony Rubalcava. Furthermore, he went on to participate in various competitions throughout the years, accumulating numerous wins that elevated his reputation in mixed martial arts.


Luke Rockhold has an estimated net worth of $3million. He has accumulated wealth from his professional career as a mixed martial artist and also a model.


So many fans were saddened by the fact that the bout between Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold couldn’t hold back in 2018 due to a leg injury. Luke Rockhold described the injury that forced him out of his UFC 230 bout with Chris as a “Fxking nightmare “. Rockhold said he did everything in his power to not withdraw from the fight, claiming that his leg injury stemmed from a ‘misguided’ surgery and dealing with his surgical wound was a complete nightmare.


It was an unfortunate event when after taking antibiotics for a staph infection in 2015, the UFC middleweight champion experienced significant deteriorating fighting strength. The staphylococcus bacteria arose from the unhygienic environment in which the MMA fighters were subjected to. Having to train in sweaty gyms and a close contact aspect of the sport, MMA athletes are more prone to getting sick. The staph bacteria could literally be found at random places scattered around the octagon. It was actually on every surface ; the ground, nose, gym appliances, and Rockhold didn’t hold back on calling out the pathetic state in which MMA fighters are subjected to. At the moment thankfully, he has no problem with a staph infection. But therapy is constantly needed as without therapy the infection is likely to come back between 10-20 days.

According to the report of, Luke pronounced his retirement following Paulo Costa’s hard battled three round triumph in the co-headline of UFC 278

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