The Game Claims He Has Never Received A Beat From Dr. Dre

The Game Claims He Has Never Received A Beat From Dr. Dre

The Game Claims He Has Never Received A Beat From Dr. Dre

Dre was the executive producer of The Game’s debut project, “The Documentary,” but has not given Game a beat before.

For staters, the both singers and producers The Game and Dr. Dre are known to have a very good relationship in the past. But the news we just received, it is just a surprise that throughout their career, The Game never got no beat from Dre.

The Game was in an expansive interview with Drink Champs, where he stirred things up when he revealed that Kanye West did more good for his music career than Dr Dre. The hip hop rapper was popularly signed to Dre’s Aftermath collective, but claims he is yet to rap over a good Dr Dre’s production.

Till today, The Game has been speaking highly of Dr. Dre, in his new interview with Fresh Pair, the artist even named the Los Angeles producer The Chronic as one of his top albums out of the city. Else where while in the interview, The Game also shared that despite working closely and their relationship, he’s never received any single beat from Dre.

On The Game’s massive debut studio project, The Documentary the name of Dr. Dre could be seen boldly imprinted as the main executive producer. The host of Fresh Pair, Just Blaze chipped in and said, “He definitely oversaw the hell out of it.”

The Game responded that Dre is a creative mind that you want to allow oversee anything that you are doing, “because he’s a mastermind when it comes to that.” He continued However, “as far as like doing a beat for The Documentary…like, no. “

The Game also added, “I can’t give Dre credit for the Just Blaze, but it’s a Dr. Dre executive-produced album,” Game contined. “People just don’t understand the underlinings and how the business works.”

It is hard believing this statement from Game, but we hope to hear from Dre soon.

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