Who Are Putin Daughters, Real Names, Age, Net Worth 2022

Who Are Putin Daughters, Real Names, Age, Net Worth 2022

Who Are Putin Daughters, Real Names, Age, Net Worth 2022

President Vladimir Putin is famously secretive about his personal life, keeping a tight lid over his private affairs. He has fought tooth and nail to prevent the media and the world at large from knowing much details about his family. He has made a concerted effort to shield his children from the spotlight.

However, information that the media has been able to gather tells that Putin has two daughters from his marriage to his ex-wife, former flight attendant Lyudmila Shkrebneua, whom he was married to in 1983, they were married for three decades until their divorce in 2013. According to Putin, he said the divorce from his ex-wife was a mutual agreement between both parties, the responsibility of being a president comes with a busy schedule. He was always busy, not being spared the luxury of being a husband. Both eventually drifted apart, living separate lives. Putin is also rumoured to have at least two more daughters from his mistresses. His girlfriend is also said to be sanctioned by the U.S due to the Russian war.

The details of his daughters has been shrouded in secrecy. Nonetheless, little information about them are gathered ;


The eldest, Maria Vorontsova was born in 1985, she studied biology at St Petersburg university and medicine at Moscow state university. While the other, Katerina Tikhonova was born in 1986.

While Maria was born in Leningrad, Katerina was born in Germany during the time when the family lived there for her father’s time in KGB. Both girls are named after their grandmothers respectively.

Katerina majored in Asian studies in college and has been more open to the public eye because of her dancing career. It is reported that both girls attended university under false identities.


Maria, now 36, is a medical researcher living in Moscow with her Dutch husband ; Jorrit Faassen. Meanwhile, katerina, 35, an acrobatic dancer was once married to billionaire kirill Shamalov in 2013, but the couple divorced in 2018, and she allegedly had an affair with German ballet star Igos Zelensky whom she is rumoured to have a daughter with. The rumour about their affair started when her flight records showed she travelled 50 times to visit the famous ballet dancer with the escorts of her father’s guards.

Maria and her husband, Jorrit Faassen is said to have a child together. Sadly Putin doesn’t get the luxury of playing the grandfather role either in the lives of his grandchild as he is rarely ever available. In an interview with Oliver Stone, Putin admitted to not being a present figure in the life of his grandchild.


Apart from Maria and Katerina Putin, Vladimir is rumoured to father two more children. He rumoured to have a daughter with his girlfriend, ex-gymnast, Alina Kabaeva. Although neither the relationship or the issue of a child together has been confirmed or debunked by both parties. Thus the media is strongly holding onto that truth.

The President is also said to have another child with his previous cleaning lady, Svetlana Krivonogikh. The rumour of an affair between Vladimir and Svetlana was fuelled by the overnight billionaire lifestyle of the cleaning lady. With her moving to Petersburg wealthiest neighbourhood, Putin’s favorite ski resort. This got nose sniffing around. More reason to believe that both parties indeed have/had an affair arose when Svetlana gave birth to a baby girl in 2003 with the name Elizaveta Vladimirovna Rozova. There was no mention of a father in her birth certificate, and also she bore a middle name Vladimirovna ; meaning the child of Vladimir. It was glaring at this point that the two of them did have something together.


Not much is information is known about the net worth of Putin daughters. However, Katerina is said to be living in lavish flats and acquiring a fortune for herself. She holds a senior position at her alma mater, Moscow state university and is heading a $1.7 billion start up incubator. And her divorce case with her ex-husband revealed both parties were worth $2billion each.

Putin has tried to shelter his children from the media, attempting to keep them out of politics, so they can live normal lives.

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