Who Is Milly Alcock From House Of The Dragon; Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Who Is Milly Alcock From House Of The Dragon; Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Who Is Milly Alcock From House Of The Dragon; Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Before the fame, before the spotlight, before the makeup and buzz and the paparazzi. Before she was cast in GOT prequel in a succession war as Rhaenyra Targaryen in HBO’s House Of The Dragon, she was just Milly Alcock ; an aspiring actress who dropped out of high school to pursue her dreams. A one time waitress who lived in her mom’s attic. Despite having a few credits to her name, Alcock’s performance in the Game of Thrones prequel series is sure to cement her as the next breakthrough star.


Alcock was born in Sydney, Australia in April 2000, the 22 years old television star made her TV debut in 2014 episode of Wonderland, an Australian romantic comedy series, before going on to feature in other Australian shows like; ‘A place to Call Home’, ‘Fighting Season ‘, ‘Janet king’, ‘The Reckoning’ and award-winning 2019 series ‘Upright’ which was the lead gig in which she ditched her diploma for. The television star stated in an interview that she didn’t think school is for her, she isn’t someone to thrive in a school environment. The 22-year-old television star strongly believes that a piece of paper should definitely not define anyone’s worth which and with her success, we couldn’t agree more. House Of Dragon marks Alcock first major American Tv role. It was revealed that prior to her getting the role to play Rhaenyra Targaryen, Milly hadn’t seen a single episode of the Game Of Throne series. She had to binge-watch all 8 seasons upon her getting the role.

For her portrayal in ‘Upright’ she won the casting Guild Of Australia’s 2018 Rising Star Award. The actress was also nominated for Best Comedy Actress but didn’t take home the award, sadly.


The Australian actress, known for her start up role as Janet King has amassed for herself a net worth of about $2 million according to TBills. Not bad for the start-up rising star.


The 22 years old has led a very private life, many details about her private life is not revealed to the public. So little is known about her personal life, it is not even known yet who are parents are except the fact that she has two brothers. So there’s sadly no sniffing of a boyfriend yet for this talented actress. But if there ever is we’ll sure find out!

One thing is for sure. Milly Alcock is a hard worker, She has single-handedly built something amazing for herself. Alcock revealed that her dream has always been to become a television star, and we are absolutely proud to see her achieving great success in her acting career. HBO’s House Of Dragons is already making big waves as one of the best Hollywood series of the year! Excited fans cannot wait to see more of Milly Alcock on the television screen!

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